Thursday, August 9, 2012

28 Weeks

Favorite activity: Sitting up, petting the dogs, blowing raspberries!
Favorite food: Outside of breastmilk, pineapple yogurt is where it's at!
Favorite spot: Can she sit up there? If she can, she likes it!
Naughtiest moment: Grabbing Bummer's lips!
Important milestones: Sitting up all on her own! 
How Mom's Feeling: Lorelei can sit up unassisted! It's a big moment for us! She's not super steady yet, and totally flops over on herself all the time, but she's working on that balance. We are so proud! I think I may have mentioned this last week, but she's really doing a good job sitting on her own!

We also had our first Yeag-Orth Clan 2.0 playdate. It really should be Frederich-Orth-Brown-Murphy Playdate, but that's a mouthful! The three mouseketeers got to hang out for the first time. Mind you, this meant that Grady was running around, stealing Lorelei's toys, Lorelei was sitting up, trying to grab Grady and Logan was alternately crying, eating and sleeping (he's only 2 weeks, after all!) But it was definitely lots of fun!

Our 5th Anniversary!
Our little family right before Brian and I went out to a very nice dinner. Mama got to eat carpaccio!
Hanging around the house!

Lorelei's fancy hairdo!

Yeag-Orth 2.0
Lorelei, Grady. Grady, Lorelei

Logan and Papa

Here's the little man!

Lorelei's new look: the coy head tilt.  She tilts her head and smiles. Flirty McGee!

Brian restraining the Grady-Monster!



Cuddling with my little Loganpants!

Sleepy Monkey!
My favorite weekly photo outtake. Look at that smile!

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