Thursday, August 16, 2012

6 Month Portraits

So, Garlic Festival Sunday, Brian and I met up with my cousin Kurt (aka best photographer ever, who totally needs to have a gallery dedicated to his family/baby shots--hint hint!) to take Lorelei's 6 month photos. She was...grumpy. Definitely not her usual, smily self. Next time we will definitely try to take the photos at like 8:30 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. Anyway, we got some great shots of her, nevertheless. Some were done in Kurt's studio (otherwise known as his bedroom) and some were taken at Syngenta Seeds (known to most of us Gilroyans as Goldsmith Seeds). 

Cutest moment of the photo shoot: Lorelei was fascinated with Kurt's younger daughter Katie (who, by the way, shares the same birthday, just 4 years apart!) Lorelei kept watching Katie and wanted to hold her hand!

Fun fact: the blue dress Lorelei is wearing was my dress (although she looks way cuter in it than I did, most likely due to the fact that she refuses to wear any bonnets!)

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite pictures:

Classic Lorelei, sucking her fingers

Love this. What I see every morning after her first feeding.

I love these two shots with Brian. Definitely some of my favorites!

Love that little bit of fat and skin rolling over the edge of the top! She's small, but still my chunky monkey!

You can tell she's happy when she rubs her feet together like that!

Holding her cousin Katie's hand!

Very reminiscent of paintings of Barbara and Susan (Brian's mom and aunt) done when they were children. The paintings used to hang in Grandma Belle's dining room.

Best family portrait ever. Definitely want to get this one printed in large format.  Just not sure where to put it...

I love the colors in this, and the viewpoint. Snapshot-y, but in a good way!

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