Thursday, August 16, 2012

29 Weeks!

Favorite activity: Falling over (at least it seems like it!)
Favorite food: Breastmilk is always welcome, but she's an Irish girl at heart! Loves her some mashed potatoes and baked sweet potato fries!
Favorite spot: Looking out from her carrier
Naughtiest moment: Making mashed potato art!
Important milestones: Getting better at sitting up! 
How Mom's Feeling: This week I'm feeling worn out. Time is just flying by! I feel like I wake up, feed the baby, play with her, put her down for her nap, go to work, come home, make dinner, give Lorelei her bath, then put her down to bed, and suddenly it's almost time for me to go to bed and start all over again. There's never enough time to just sit and relax. Take it all in. I want to savor the time and what's happening with Lorelei but I can't, and suddenly she's growing and changing some more. It's times like these when I am so jealous of stay at home moms. There are so many things I want to do and experience with Lorelei that I just don't have time for. The weekends are just too short!

We went for our second hike with Lorelei this weekend. It was very fun. It was our first time using the new Beco baby carrier for hiking, and let me just say, it was pretty awesome. So comfy and way better than the Moby. While I loved the Moby, it was way too much fabric for hiking. We went to Corte Madera Creek Open Space, and it was so beautiful. There was a nice view and some very cool sandstone structures to look at. After the hike we were so hot and tired, we went to Tina and Don's to go swimming! The water was perfect and Lorelei had a blast in her swim floaty!

On a sweet note, Lorelei has started to take after her mama, playing and cuddling with her two favorite "babies" in her crib: Squeaks the pink mouse and Bun Bun the orange bunny. She plays with them when I put her down for her nap and I'll peek in to find her asleep with them on top of her!

Lorelei sleeping with Squeaks and Bun Bun
Lorelei's mashed potato art. She got really upset when I cleaned it up!

 On our hike: 

Time for a mid-hike snack!

The very cool sandstone formation

My poor leg after trying to take a shortcut!

Plus, a fun video for you:

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