Wednesday, September 5, 2012

32 Weeks

Favorite activity: Playing with the stacking cups. They are always a sure-fire winner. She also loves jump-walking: Holding onto my hands as I "jump" her while walking. 
Favorite food: Ritz Crackers (Hint of Salt). They're just the perfect size for her little hands.
Favorite spot: Sitting on her blanket, playing with her cups.
Naughtiest moment: She only took one 30 minute nap on Thursday and Friday.
Important milestones: Trying to figure out this crawling business. She's not there yet, but even so is pretty mobile.
How Mom's Feeling: This was a good week, very mellow, all things concerned. It was my first week of "real" Treehouse starting, so I've been pretty preoccupied getting things going on that front. We had a three day weekend (yay Labor Day!), which we spent hanging out at home, running errands, and going on a playdate with our buddies Christine & Emily and Carrie & Zinnia. 

We didn't take a lot of pics this week, but we were given some cute shots of Lorelei that BeeBee took last week!

Little Miss Blue Eyes

Hanging at BeeBee and Poppy's House

Hi Puppy!

Just reading

There's nothing in this cup!

I like Touch and Feel books best! (she seriously does! She now pats every book to see if it has a fun texture!)

Cousins! Love the look on Logan's face!
That is one GIANT lemon!

Love my cups!
Now everyone says Lorelei looks just like her BeeBee. What do you think?
(Clearly BeeBee's hair was a bit more orderly!)

And a little video starring Lorelei, Mama and Bummer:

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