Thursday, September 13, 2012

33 Weeks

Favorite activity: "Flying" with Papa. She loves getting tossed in the air and just squeals and squeals!
Favorite food: guacamole. We had tacos and nachos for dinner this week and she just LOVES the guacamole (no salt for her, clearly)
Favorite spot: Sitting on her blanket, in the living room or Papa's office!
Naughtiest moment: Peeing on Papa. Ha ha!
Cutest moment: playing with her second cousins at Grandma's birthday!
Important milestones: Can use a spoon almost all on her own!
How Mom's Feeling: Tired this week. I think I had some sort of bug and it's made me feel a little run down :( I had to take Monday off work (well I went, then came home again) because I was just so exhausted and a little nauseous. And to all my friends who are like "hmmm..." I am NOT pregnant because I remember what pregnant feels like and it's not like this! 

We had a busy weekend, for sure. On Saturday, we went hiking with some mom's group friends (Jenna, Wes and little Ronen). Lots of fun. I'm looking forward to going again--it's nice to have some friends with kids close to Lorelei's age! Then on Sunday we went to my Grandma Phyllis' 90th birthday party. It was lots of fun and I was able to visit with my cousins who I haven't seen in a while (except Kurt, who took Lorelei's 6 month photos in July). It was super exciting to see my cousin Eric, who I haven't seen in at least 11 years! My cousin Jenny and her husband and kids got to see Lorelei for the first time--it seems we've just never been able to get together since she's been born. All the girls (and we've got a lot of them) just loved playing with Lorelei. Jack and Ollie started getting in on the baby action, too. Except I'm pretty sure they just wanted to play with her cups!

I'm looking forward to this next weekend. I get a 4 day weekend! Yay for Rosh Hashana! We're going to a playdate, a birthday celebration, to Happy Hollow and then to Sacramento for a visit with our favorite little guy, Logan, and of course his mama!
Lunch date with daddy
On our way to Starbucks!

Napping with my pals!

Cousin Logan in the jammies Lorelei sent!

I can do it myself, thank you very much!

Taco Night! 
On our hike with Wes, Ronen and Jenna

Bummer, being, well, Bummer.

Before Grandma's party!

Four Generations of girls!

Happy 90th birthday, Great Grandma Phyllis!

Great Grandma Phyllis and all her great grandkids (plus mama!)

The girls just loved playing with Lorelei!

Cayenne just couldn't get enough of her!

Katie wanted in on the Lorelei cuddle action, too!

Playing with her cousins! The cups were a big hit, for sure!

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