Tuesday, September 18, 2012

34 Weeks

Favorite activity: Dinnertime!
Favorite food: bananas! We've finally gotten the hang of them! We also are fond of mama's spring green risotto and cheesy broccoli casserole. And strawberries!
Favorite spot: Playing on the blanket, for sure!
Naughtiest moment: Rubbing snot all over mama. Ewww.
Cutest moment: Laughing at Jaime's mustache!
Important milestones: First cold :(
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good. Lorelei got her first cold this week, which was a bummer--both for her and us. We had stuff PLANNED for this weekend! She did pretty well, all things considered. She had a minor fever, a little fussy, didn't want to take her morning nap, and was fairly snotty. But her mood was fantastic! We had to forgo a playdate with some friends and a trip to Sacramento. But we did go to dinner in San Francisco and went to Happy Hollow for the first time! 

Happy Hollow was blast. I haven't been since I was about 8 or 9 years old. The high points of the trip: petting the goats in the petting zoo, playing in the playground with our friends and seeing the meerkats in the zoo!

And a little nighttime reflection I wrote last night:

Growing up, before I got married, got pregnant, I always assumed I'd be a working mom. I wanted to be a working mom. I didn't want my life to be defined by another person. I didn't get it. I didn't understand. Those other things don't matter. I mean, they MATTER, but they don't define you. My job doesn't define me, and I'm happy about that. Looking at my daughter tonight, sleeping in her crib, I realized this is what matters: My perfect girl, my amazing husband, my two goofy dogs, my perfectly imperfect family.


And now for some photos!

Hanging out at home!
Sleeping in the swing for the first time in AGES!

I love to bounce!

I LOVE this shoe!

Oh, did you say I SHOULD put this shoe in my mouth? Okay!

Playing in my jammies!

Out walking with my BeeBee!

First trip to Samovar Tea Lounge!
Mustaches are funny!

I'm so tall! I can fly!

Cuddles with Gladys!
Happy Hollow!

Our friends Andy and Lena with the goats! Lena kept stepping on them and scaring them away!

You can't see me in this log!
Gasp! You found me!

Our friend Zinnia in the Putt Putt cars!

Lorelei's view!

On the carousel!

Zinny checking out the meerkats

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