Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knocking On Wood

Could it possibly be? Can it really be true? Is the nausea...gone? Please please God, please say it's true!

Now I'm not saying the nausea has been wholly and truly 100% gone, but it no longer seems to be ever present. In the last 3 days, I have thrown up once. And it was more dry heaving (probably because I was hungry) after I had gagged on a prenatal vitamin. During the day, I feel very little nausea. My appetite hasn't really returned yet, and most meat still makes me want to gag (although I did eat a full serving of steak the other night!)

Sadly, I seem to have replaced the nausea with nasal congestion and a sore throat. Mercifully, this is just an annoying summer cold. I say mercifully, because I discovered that some people suffer nasal congestion for THE ENTIRE NINE MONTHS of their pregnancy. I would die. I am slightly dying now, because it is too soon for me to take any sort of cold or cough medicine. So I suffer with nasal congestion...but no nausea!

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