Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Miss Food :(

I really miss food. I do. It's not that I'm not eating, because I am. I just miss all my favorite foods. And these are not foods I'm not eating because of nitrates and bacteria (like prosciutto and sushi). These are basic foods I usually love to eat.

Foods like: chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs. There was a time when I could eat an entire plate of shrimp...
Eggs. I freaking LOVE poached eggs. In everything. Soup, pasta, on toast, with salsa and cheese. Now, I can manage to eat it in soup. That's it. Beef. At first, steak was the only protein I wanted to eat. Now, I can't even stomach that!

And, of course, I miss sushi. Like A LOT. I've had the cooked stuff, and frankly, it just doesn't cut it. I want raw tuna, salmon, whitefish, scallops. Le sigh. Now all I get is unagi (which is tasty WITH other raw fish), shrimp tempura, soft shell crab and crab salad. Bleh. Sometimes I think "Why bother?"

I'd say the food I miss most of all: chicken. Chicken just makes everything SO EASY. Grilled, baked, pan fried, over pasta, over potatoes, over salad. You never realize just how much you miss it, until the very idea of chicken makes you want to yak. Which unfortunately, it does.

The worst part of all for me, and those of you who know me really well can understand this, I can't even LOOK at food I don't want to eat. Like, in a picture. Just looking at it upsets my stomach. This past week on one of my favorite websites, there were pictures of an avocado-egg salad sitting on a tomato and a pasta salad that featured olives. I couldn't go on that website until they changed the recipes. I have a brand new issue of Cooking Light magazine that I haven't looked at yet. I haven't even ripped the protective paper cover off the front. I'm afraid!

All I'm saying is that I CAN'T WAIT for the second trimester when, hopefully, I'll be able to eat food again. It's going to happen, right?

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