Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Favorite Activity: Going to the Zoo!, Watching Winnie the Pooh, collecting leaves

Favorite Food: "Pooh Yogurt" Plain whole milk yogurt with honey mixed in.

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Lorelei good helper!"

Cutest Moment: After getting her hair cut, Lorelei has been practicing "cutting" mama's hair--complete with putting on the cape, and grabbing different tools for cutting.

Naughtiest Moment: Multiple meltdowns when we don't let her do what she wants, bedtime procrastination

How Mom's Feeling: Excited for what's coming next. This was a great month. I started back at work part time, and I've spent the month planning for the year, going on little trips and activities with Lorelei and getting her ready for preschool! I'm going to be wearing a lot of hats this year: Treehouse Teacher, Preschool Gardening Teacher and Room Parent! We've already had one preschool playdate before school started, a welcome breakfast and a classroom tour. For the two weeks before school starts, we have been reading books all about preschool, getting Lorelei excited about storytime, having her own cubby and making new friends.

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