Thursday, October 9, 2014

September 2014

Favorite Activity: Going to preschool, eating/making challah, playing with Teacher Mark in PE

Favorite Food: Apples and Pears

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Lorelei go to sleep, wake up, play more!"

Cutest Moment: After taking Lorelei to get a physical for work, she has been obsessed with checking my "heart beep!" Thinking this little girl needs a doctor's kit for Christmas (ahem, Auntie Toffy!)

Naughtiest Moment: Trying to ride the dogs like ponies.

How Mom's Feeling: First off, how is it already October 9? When did THAT happen? Anyway, it has been a crazy busy month! Lorelei LOVES preschool. She gets excited about going to preschool the night before. "Lorelei go sleep, wake up, go PRESCHOOL!" It seems like she just spends the entire day doing things she loves: painting, check; blocks, check; cooking, check; playground (with slide, of course), check; water table, check; sandbox, check; jumping around in PE, check. I definitely think she was ready for preschool. She comes home talking about her friends and her teachers. So many of her classmates have a hard time with separation, lots of tears when mommy says good bye, but not Lorelei! In fact, sometimes the other parents will tell their kids to "go find Lorelei. What's Lorelei doing?" Which is usually being at the challah making table or the paint table. She's at school for a long time, which I initially was worried about. But she's handling it like a champ. She starts at 9:15, then goes to nap at 1, then is at Stay and Play until 6. It's lucky that several of her classmates are in Stay and Play with her. And she seems to have made friends in her afternoon class, too. She is always waving at someone and saying "Hi Friend!"

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