Friday, August 8, 2014


Favorite Activity: Playing with her playdough, going swimming

Favorite Food: fruit and yogurt

Favorite word or phrase to say: "My do!"

Cutest Moment: Tucking her babies into bed, then giving them a kiss and telling them "sweet dreams!"

Naughtiest Moment: Trying to ride the dogs ("Apparently riding the dog like a horse is frowned upon in this establishment"), throwing things at daddy and the dogs (which got her a swift time out)

How Mom's Feeling: Happy...but tired. The end of July marked the end of my stay-at-home-momhood for the summer. It was a fun six weeks, but very exhausting. We did get into a sort of routine, which helped, and we did a lot of fun stuff! Tide pools, Children's Museum, San Francisco Zoo, Pier 39, Tilden Park and a few playdates at different playgrounds, plus swim lessons every Monday morning! I feel so proud to see her confidently (maybe too confidently) climbing into the swimming pool each Monday morning. Her teacher has already told us we can move her up to the next swim level next session.

Speaking of confidence, she has it in spades. Along with independence. Everything is "My do!" She wants no help in picking out her night time diaper, putting on her clothes, walking up and down the steps to the house, or climbing in the car, carseat and stroller. But she will tell me "Carry you" after taking 5 steps and I absolutely cannot do anything else while she is doing something. I have to sit and watch. I think I'm looking forward to preschool starting next month a little too much!

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