Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Week!

Wow. Today, technically, we are 40 weeks! Of course, Lorelei decided to make an early appearance, so instead of a 39 weeks post, you get a 1 Week Old post!

Weight: 7 pounds, 1 ounce
Height: 19 1/2 inches
Favorite activity: sleeping
Favorite food:breast milk
Favorite spot: In Brian's lap or curled against me in the Moby
Naughtiest moment: Pooping the minute she sits in Brian's lap or today after her first bath, when she promptly spit up AND pooped on her bath towel!
Important milestones: Well, she was born! She is also able to breastfeed pretty well, and we had our first bath today!
How Mom's Feeling: As anyone can imagine, this week has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences! One week later, my body feels pretty good. Still sore in some places, but good. Between the birth, breastfeeding, and surviving this week, I have lost an amazing amount of weight. According to my scale, I'm weighing in at 149.9 pounds!

My emotions though, are a mess. Most of the time, I am happy. Really crazy happy. And completely in love with this new human being. But I'm tired, too. Feeding and sleeping with Lorelei is either feast or famine. One day, she sleeps for hours at a time, and will only wake to eat--and then will only eat for about 15 minutes before falling asleep again! The next day, all she wants to do is eat! Lorelei also only wants to sleep when she is touching one of us--me, Brian, my mom...We got her a co-sleeper that sits on the bed, which she refuses to sleep in. Even if she is totally sound asleep, the minute she touches that co-sleeper, it's shriek city! So for now, Brian and I alternate with having her sleep swaddled on our chests, with the blankets pushed down to our waists. Is it ideal? No. Do I stress about it? Absolutely. So on any given day, I worry about whether she is eating enough--is she getting the hind milk? Is she eating enough? Is she gaining weight?--or I am worrying about her sleeping--are we doing the right thing? Should we try to get her to sleep in her co-sleeper? Should we put her in the swing to sleep? Is there something we haven't tried yet?

Mostly though, I marvel at her. We marvel at her. She is so perfect, from her teeny tiny fingers and toes, to the perfect curl of her lips to the incredible softness of her hair. Even when she is screaming because she is hungry, or needs to have her diaper changed, or cold or has gas or just needs to be held, she seems perfect to me. She also seems like such a GOOD baby. She's not terribly fussy and while she does scream when she is upset, as soon as we solve her problem, she immediately stops crying and will look at us with her big blue eyes and sometimes even smile. How did we make such an amazing and beautiful being?

First day, cuddling with her papa.
Sleeping with her Grandmama Chris
Day two with her mama

First visitors: BeeBee and Poppy

Visiting with her cool Auntie Bonnie

Day 3--First time wearing clothes!

First visit with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Janet

Hanging out with Papa at the computer

Sleepy girl!

Family photo

First bath!

All wrapped up after her bath!

I die. This is why nothing gets done around here!

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