Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Weeks

Weight: 9 pounds
Height: 22 inches
Favorite activity: Riding in the car
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: Snuggled in her swing or in her Moby wrap.
Naughtiest moment: Keeping mom up all night!
Important milestones: Successfully transitioned to cloth diapers (it's a beautiful thing!), first feeding with a bottle (and first pumping for Mom!), introduction to the pacifier, which we are calling the "Paci" (she likes the Nuks best), staying awake longer and more often, first night sleeping on her own (not in the bed with mom and dad).
How Mom's Feeling: This morning, I'm pretty tired. Last night was our first attempt at getting her to sleep on her own. It was successful...sort of. I borrowed at Rock and Play sleeper from one of the ladies in my mom's group. It's pretty nice and you can see how it would work better than a crib/bassinet/co-sleeper. It's raked down, so she is at an angle, it's kind of like a basket (like her swing) so she's cradled, plus it's on rockers so it'll rock if she moves, or I can rock it with my hand. So she napped in it pretty well, then would sleep in it at night, if she was already asleep. But she doesn't sleep as long as she does with us. I don't think it was because she was cold--she was in fuzzy pajamas, and a light swaddle. The hardest part was that she slept for 30 minutes, woke up and was awake for an hour and a half, then went back to sleep for three and a half hours, was awake for an hour, then slept for another hour and a half. So I'm definitely not running on all cylinders today!

In other news, we've been going out on quite a few different "adventures" this week! We've been to the bookstore, Costco, Trader Joe's, an indoor famer's market, and on mom's group playdates--a walk at Shoreline park (where I met two other moms who also had home births!) and a Stitch and Bitch crafting playdate. As usual, she's the smallest/youngest there and usually sleeps through the whole thing, but I'm having fun meeting new people and getting out of the house! This next week, we will be going on our furthest away/longest trip: a visit to Gilroy! Brian has a job in Gilroy, plus he needs to fix his mom's computer, so Lorelei and I are joining him to visit with his parents and a trip to the Janie and Jack outlet (we have a gift card).

Here are some of this week's adorableness:
Cuddling up on Sunday morning

Check out that squishy baby face!

Look at that "old man" hair! It will not lay down,  no matter what I do!

Cuddled in her own Rock and Play bed

Modeling her Papa's "Coming Home" gown

In Papa's gown and quilt!

Modeling her new leggings that BeeBee's friend made

Week 5 Picture outtakes

Week 5 Picture outtakes

Week 5 Picture outtakes

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