Monday, June 24, 2013

Pics of Our Week

This week was amazing and busy and crazy fun. We started the week off right with a trip to the beach and Lorelei's buddy Grady's 2nd birthday party--where we spent 99% of the time in the pool, followed with a chill (and chilly) Father's Day with a walk around the dog park. We followed that up with my first free week of summer break...commence the excitement! This week, we went on a few playdates, visited the library, checked out indoor play area Diddaloo, had a tea party, got a haircut, went berry picking and spent the afternoon at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Whew! That was a lot.

Last summer I got to spend some time being a stay at home mom with Lorelei as a baby. Doing the stay at home mom thing with a toddler is way different, very tiring but so much fun. One thing I learned this week was that there is a reason you don't schedule something for every single day! A) it's totally exhausting. I had to take a nap Wednesday afternoon! B) things (like laundry, dishes, etc.) get totally backed up.

Friday also reminded me how great it is to be so close to San Francisco. Normally, an afternoon in Golden Gate Park would have been an EVENT. We would have had to worry about lunch and naptimes and the like. Friday was so chill. We spent the morning finger painting (ok, so more like EATING the finger paint--it was just flour, water and food coloring, after all!), then Lorelei took a nap while I did some laundry. After her nap and some lunch, we hopped in the car, explored the Conservatory of Flowers (they had a butterfly exhibit that Lorelei just loved), listened to some live music, played in some dirt and had an ice cream cone. We came home, Lorelei took a nap and I made dinner. Easy peasy. Pretty sure we will be enjoying a few more trips to Golden Gate Park this summer!

Digging in the sand is our new favorite thing!

Perfect day at the beach!

Happy Birthday Grady!

Chocolate cupcakes are our jam!

Riding around in the U.S.S. Uncle Travis

So happy!

More sand!

Our Father's Day hike!

Tea party with real cake!



What's going on here?

All done!

Berry picking is THE BEST THING EVER!
Paint is delicious!

Hanging out at the Conservatory of Flowers

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