Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pics of Our Week--San Diego

So this weekend, Lorelei and I hopped on a plane to spend a few days in San Diego. We helped Brian's aunt Susan clean out some books in her classroom, spent time with family and went to the San Diego Zoo. The flight there was...challenging. We got through okay, ate some fro-yo while waiting for our flight. But the roughest part, for sure, was the ride itself. Mercifully, we had some very kind and patient rowmates. Lorelei didn't fuss or cry, she just wanted to touch everything and didn't want to be restrained AT ALL. It was a very long hour and 15 minutes!

Once in San Diego, we had a blast. Of course, Lorelei had to deal with something completely new to her: competition and jealousy! She had to share her BeeBee and Poppy (and toys) with her cousin Logan. Logan was a champ and didn't seem to mind too much. Lorelei...well, Lorelei was not. There were some blocks thrown, some timeout was had, and an attempted forking. Mostly though, she did great.

The zoo was, as usual, amazing. We met up with some of Melissa's mommy friends and had tons of fun. Big hits of the day: the giraffe (Lorelei didn't want to leave!), the koalas (so cute and they had BABIES!), and of course the goats!

The drive home from San Diego was long and exhausting, especially for a little girl not used to riding in a car with someone next to her. She definitely didn't get much sleep on the drive back!

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