Wednesday, March 27, 2013

14 Months

Weight: 21 pounds, 11 ounces

Length: 29.5 inches

Favorite activity: Playing with her play food, throwing the ball for the dogs, and pulling all the wipes out of the wipe container.

Favorite food: applesauce, apples and her morning smoothy. And manzanita bananas!

Favorite spot: She is always so delighted to be outside

Cutest moment: Lorelei has really taken to wrapping things around her neck like a scarf. She particularly loves to take my long beaded necklaces and wrap them around her neck, then she looks in my mirror over the makeup table and smiles. Such a girl!
Naughtiest moment: Pulling all the wipes out of her wipe bag.

Important milestones: She's got 4 teeth! She can also pull herself into a standing position in the middle of the floor, and can stay up for about 15 seconds before sitting down again. 

Teeth: 4

Words: 5 - dada, mama, woof, yes, dis (this)

Signs: 3 (more, all done, dog)

How Mom's Feeling:Pretty great, now that we have found a house and are in escrow. For a while there, I pretty much wanted to throw up every night. Of course, now things are just going crazy with packing and getting ready for the move. Added on top of that, Lorelei is working her way towards only taking one nap a day. Depending on the day, she will take 2 1-hour naps or 1 2-3 hour nap. I just wish we had a consistent nap, so we can schedule stuff!

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