Saturday, February 9, 2013

Many Happy Returns

A week ago today, I was going crazy getting ready for Lorelei's first birthday party. Did I go a little overboard? Perhaps. But it was my little girl's first birthday, so I'm not going to feel bad about it!

As much as I might have gone a little nuts in the decorations, I thought it all came together very nicely--and for not too much money, overall. The theme was Hot Air Balloons, so we had red, white and light blue balloon garlands, hot air balloons made out of some old paper lanterns I had hanging around, some handmade pennants, a gallery wall with blown up pictures of Lorelei, her weekly photos and a big "hot air balloon" for kids to sit in and take pictures made out of a basket, some ribbon and a very big balloon.

Some of the biggest hits of the party: cheese cubes in the baby buffet, the kiddie pool filled with balls, the red and white striped paper straws (the thing to have among the under 1 set!), and the activity table handmade by Grandpa Dan.

I thought the party might be a bit bittersweet for me. How did my little girl get to be one year old??? She's no longer an infant, and just on the cusp of toddlerhood. She has two teeth, with two more on the way. She can pull herself up and is working hard on standing by herself. Next step is walking! She's got some basic signs down (more, all done, dog), and has a few words...maybe (woof, dada, mama, wow and possibly hi). But you know what, I feel good. I'm excited for this new stage. At the party, I got to hold little Logan, Lorelei's 6 month old cousin for a long time (the longest I've ever held him in fact) and while I relished getting to hold him and cuddle--since Lorelei is not much of a cuddler these days--I also didn't miss it. I even got to hold Grady, one of Lorelei's best buddies, and while he certainly wasn't light (he's at least 30 pounds!), it was cool when he asked me to hold him. It get's me excited for the future--a world of walking (running) and more talking. I've even been told that they start to get cuddly again.

Here are some pictures of her birthday--starting on her actual birthday up to her birthday party (this girl was well celebrated!)

First Birthday Cupcake (ok, so banana muffin with whipped cream). We were not a fan of the fire!
We were a fan of the muffin!
New puzzle from Grandmama!
Dumplings for the Little Dumpling! Dim Sum birthday dinner!
New puppy! At Wenchlette birthday party!
Waiting for our ice cream at Humphry Slocumbe cream!
Birthday Party--the hot air balloon
Hot air balloon garlands and lanterns!
So. Many. Cupcakes.
Weekly picture wall
Gallery Wall
The food. Yes it was all white and red!
Birthday girl getting ready for her party!
In the balloon with her cousin!
Ball Pit!
Reading with Grady

Sharing with Lena!
Logan and Auntie Mel
Playing with the new activity table!
Cuddling with her Poppy (and her paper straw!)
Birthday cupcake (vanilla, with passion fruit filling)
Nom nom nom
Signing more. MORE CUPCAKE!
The activity table was a big hit!
Ribbon! Opening presents after the party
Testing out her new scooter
Thank you for the table Grandpa Dan and Grandma Janet!

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