Sunday, February 24, 2013

13 Months

Weight: 21 pounds, 11 ounces

Length: 29.5 inches

Favorite activity: Playing with her new activity table: sorting magnet letters in the baskets, making alphabet soup, playing with the gear board, fiddling with the locks and shapes, ringing the bike bell, it's pretty awesome! 

Favorite food: applesauce

Favorite spot: Anywhere she can move and crawl

Cutest moment: lots of baby cuddles this month, with all the teething. Also, Lorelei has taken to bringing me every single book in her book box to read!
Naughtiest moment: Going down the slide...face first!

Important milestones: Her top two front teeth are working their way through! The one on the left is here, the one on the right is working it's way out. Pulls herself up to a standing position pretty frequently now, no steps yet, but she can stand on her own for about 20-30 seconds before falling down again.

Teeth: 3

Words: 3 (dada, mama, woof)

Signs: 3 (more, all done, dog)
How Mom's Feeling: Lorelei is really, truly, officially a 1 year old! She hasn't started walking yet, but she will soon! It's amazing to see her growth--and watch her brain develop. Her favorite game this month is to take an item, hand it to someone, then crawl back, grab another item, and take it back to that person. Over and over and over again. It can be diapers, puzzle pieces, books...She's gotten into stuffed animals this month, too. She has a few favorites: a bunny puppet and a big green frog. She likes to carry them around and cuddle them. Her spacial awareness is increasing--she's been working hard on those puzzles and shape sorters. She's pretty good at circles and can get those in the holes. But even if she can't get them through the hole, she knows where they go!

There are so many other things she does and is doing, it's hard to list! She'll initiate a game of peek a boo or storytime. She for sure can say Dada--and mean Daddy, is working on mama and baby. I'm sure I'm missing something!

The house hunt continues. Lorelei has been a champ through the whole thing.

This month has been pretty crazy, but I feel like we're getting through it. While it has been incredibly frustrating (house hunting pretty much blows and has taken up our entire life) we're doing good.

Here are a few pics that we've taken this week:

Smoothies are delicious!
Daddy's girl: playing with her Legos!
Morning mayhem!

Shopping with mama!

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