Thursday, January 17, 2013

51 Weeks!

Favorite food: blueberries are ALWAYS a favorite! Also, we are loving applesauce in the pouch (a win for mama!)
Favorite spot: In the kitchen 
Naughtiest moment: Playing with the drawers and squashing her little fingers in the door!
Cutest moment: Kissing the babies in her books
Important milestones: First sign ("more")! She stood on her own for 5 seconds!
How Mom's Feeling: Good. Busy. We've got some house stuff in the works (not gonna talk about it, in case I jinx it!) but needless to say, my hands have been full this week! When things weren't being crazy at home, Lorelei and I have gone to the park a few times, which was fun. Cold, but fun!

Lorelei also had her worst case of diaper rash to date. So, following advice, I stripped her of her diaper, rolled up the rugs and pulled out the mop. Baby girl went diaperless for most of the weekend! She also took long daily baths and no creams or wipes (unless she pooped, of course). And we eliminated clementines from her diet (the most likely culprit--new and acidic). By Wednesday morning, the rash was gone. Yay!

Some pics of our week:
French toast and berries!
Excited at the park!
Checking her messages!

Cups are good for sand!

Sleeping with her favorite blankie (love those little toesies sticking out!)

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