Tuesday, October 16, 2012

38 Weeks

Favorite activity: Playing with the laundry basket
Favorite food: Chicken!
Favorite spot: Outside on her blanket, looking at the leaves on the trees
Naughtiest moment: Spitting up all over mommy and on the floor!
Cutest moment: Riding around in the laundry basket
Important milestones: Crawling!
How Mom's Feeling: Well, a bit sick. Not too bad at the moment, but I came down with a cold/flu bug on Thursday. I've slowly been recovering ever since. Coughing really hard--the only way I can sleep is propped up on the couch. So that's where I've been sleeping! Cough drops are now a food group for me!

Lorelei has been pretty hilarious this week. She loves having her toys in the laundry basket, then tipping the basket over and pulling everything out. HOURS of entertainment! We've also gone on a few laundry basket rides around the house and the front yard. This week she also discovered how the bathtub works and enjoyed pushing the button that plugs the tub. Then she decided the sound of the water draining was too much like the ocean (which she hated) and now cries and tries to get out of the tub when she hears it.

In very exciting news, Lorelei started crawling this week! It's a belly crawl, and generally she sticks to the hardwood (I think it's easier for her), but she's pretty quick! It also reinforces how much I don't sweep the floors, because she manages to collect all the dust/dog hair/stray leaves that are on the floor on her hands and clothes. Then she sticks her hand in her mouth. Eww.

Some picks of our week:

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