Monday, October 1, 2012

36 Weeks

Favorite activity: Watching the dogs
Favorite food: Bananas mashed with greek yogurt
Favorite spot: Outside, for sure!
Naughtiest moment: Raspberry-ing mama in the face
Cutest moment: Finny trying to teach Lorelei how to play fetch!
Important milestones: Pulling up with our hands, clapping! 
How Mom's Feeling: Doing pretty good. Same old, same old. I finished the hat for her Halloween costume. Now I just have to paint the jammies I have for her and it will be done (she's going to be a Boston Terrier). Of course, I already have a new hat in the works, plus a doll I want to have done for her by Christmas. Busy busy!

This week was pretty fun, we got to visit with Mel and Logan on Wednesday. It's so cute watching Lorelei interact with her cousin. She's just waiting for him to be old enough to play with her! While I'm always tempted to stay at home on days off (I had a free day for Yom Kippur), I'm glad we went. Lorelei slept for the entire drive there and back and I just don't get to see Mel, Travis and Logan enough!

This was kind of a milestone week. First, Lorelei has started pulling herself up onto her feet using our hands for balance. And after weeks of observing us clap, Lorelei can now clap, too! She's always so proud of herself when she does it! Lorelei also had her first tastes of meat this week: tuna salad, ground beef and sauteed chicken. She was a fan of all three!

Lorelei found the bookshelf!
 Bathtime is Fun!

Visiting with Mel and Logan

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