Thursday, April 7, 2011

Must Remember to Eat!

I learned a very very important lesson yesterday: it is important to eat. You would think I have learned this lesson already. I've never been what you would consider a "Skinny Minnie." However, the idea of eating when my tummy is as upset and nauseous as mine is right now makes the idea of eating anything absolutely repulsive. Which results in being totally nauseated throughout a kick-ass Ani DiFranco concert and concludes in a midnight drive to my best friend Bonnie's house to throw up in her bathroom. Fail.

So now I am trying really hard to remember to eat. I ate some crackers  before I got out of bed. Then I read of you suck on lemons, it helps the nausea. It helped get me out of bed. Of course, 15 minutes later I promptly threw it all up again. Now I'm cooking up some oatmeal. Hopefully that sticks. If it doesn't, at least I'll have something TO throw up.

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