Monday, December 20, 2010

False Alarm

Don't get too excited yet...I was pregnant for all of 3 1/2 weeks and then I got my period. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. In a way though, I'm glad. I would never have wished for this to happen, but the timing was really awful. On top of the whole wedding thing, which would have totally sucked, we found out that I can only get disability after I have been enrolled in the disability program 9 months. If I were to give birth before the 9 month mark, I would not have been able to get disability--which is what would have happened.

 All in all, I'm not devastated by what happened. That kind of tells me that this was meant to be. Though we were looking forward to breaking the news to the family!

Good things to come from this:
#1 Now we know I can get pregnant (and this time we weren't even trying), so getting pregnant again shouldn't be an issue.
#2 The miscarriage happened early enough in the pregnancy that the fetus hadn't even attached to the uterine wall. It was also early enough that we weren't emotionally attached to it.
#3 I know I am ready to get pregnant. I loved knowing I was pregnant. I loved having that little secret inside me. I didn't even mind the morning sickness. (I honestly found it reassuring). I can't wait to start trying again!

Now...back to charting!

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