Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Favorite Activity: Watching Frozen, Listening to Frozen, Dancing to Frozen

Favorite Food: Stawberries

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Let it Go!" or "Snowman!"

Cutest Moment: Every time she found an Easter egg, she would giggle so delightedly.

Naughtiest Moment: Pulling Bummer's ear

How Mom's Feeling: Good. The Frozen obsession is still going strong. However, she has really gotten into play dough, as well. She got a bunch of play dough in her Easter basket, and it has been a daily activity ever since.

Speaking of Easter, I feel like this year she really "got" it. She absolutely LOVED the egg hunt. We had 3--one with our playgroup, one at church and one at home. It was really fun for us too. She was just so excited about finding new treasures.

I feel like this month, her girliness has really started to come through. She wants to wear skirts almost every day (to the point that I got her a few more skirts to play in) and lately has been super into the babies and baby stroller at J-Care. In fact, because of this, I got her new baby doll for her Easter basket, and she just loves her. Sleeps with her every night and loves pushing her around in the grocery cart and feeding her with a bottle. She seems like such a "little mommy".

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