Wednesday, August 28, 2013

19 Months

Weight: 25.9 pounds

Length: 31 inches 

Favorite activity: coloring, reading books, playing with her mini play kitchen

Favorite food: berries, milk, cheese sticks, pancakes

Favorite spot: sitting on the couch

Cutest moment: Giving smacking kisses to everyone!

Important milestones: Separation anxiety. It doesn't last long and it's only with me...but it's no fun.

Teeth: 12

Words: 17 - dada, mama, woof, yes, dis (this), kack (quack), hi, thank you, uh oh, bye, wa (water), buh (book), pees (please), goat, puppy, ah duh (all done), no

Signs: 11 (more, all done, dog, please, berry, cheese, grape, water, milk, help, thank you)

How Mom's Feeling: Good. A little relieved as for a large part of the month, I thought I was pregnant (I'm not. And no we aren't trying. We aren't even thinking about trying.) But it did put in sharp relief that A) I would like to have another, and B) I really don't want another right now. Right now, I'm feeling confident about our parenting, Lorelei is doing really well and I just want to be present with her right now.

I've been working hard on being present with her, spending less time behind the camera, and more time enjoying being with her in the moment. She is funny and independent and she certainly knows her own mind!

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