Friday, May 24, 2013

16 Months!

Weight: 24 pounds

Length: 30 inches

Favorite activity: Rocking in her rocking chair. Banging things. Chasing the dogs. Rearranging the coffeetable.

Favorite food: applesauce, tofu, graham crackers

Favorite spot: Her rocking chair. Now that she can get up in it, she just loves to rock and rock!

Cutest moment: "Reading" to her cousin Logan. 

Important milestones: She's a walker! At 15 1/2 months, she started walking more than she was crawling and now, while she still crawls, she walks more!

Teeth: 7

Words: 6 - dada, mama, woof, yes, dis (this), kack (quack), hi

Signs: 4 (more, all done, dog, please)

How Mom's Feeling: Not going to lie. I'm tired. That's not Lorelei so much as myself. I've been burning the candle at both ends, it seems. I'm up early with Lorelei, working hard at work then coming home and working on projects until midnight. I realized that I only showered once this week, because I'm too busy in the morning and too tired at night.

Lorelei though, is amazing. It seems like she has just blossomed this month. With her walking, she seems so much more like a little girl than a baby. In fact, at J-Care this month, I saw her "rocking" a baby in his carseat, like she was the big kid! 
She's really starting to mimic what we are doing. She wipes her table when she is done eating. She "stirs" in her bowl with her spoon. She MUST have a fork at dinner (even though she doesn't use it very much and usually just uses her hands). When the smoke detector went off, she started waving around a hand towel, just the way we waved the pillow at the detector (the food's done when the smoke detector goes off, right?) 

Lorelei's also gotten a bit more cuddly. She wants to sit in laps more and rock in the big rocker and sing songs or read books when she is tired, grumpy or hurt. 

She also had her first big boo boo! Last week, she climbed on the couch and then fell off, right onto the marble fireplace! On her head! She had a nice bump, but after applying some ice and arnica gel, she didn't even have a bruise! That's not to say I wasn't totally terrified!

We're still on the search to see what is causing the rash around her mouth. It's not strawberries, since I've completely cut those out of her diet. It's not plums, since I've cut those out of her diet. I'm wondering if it's mangoes. Which would be too bad, since she LOVES mangoes.

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